Creative atmosphäre and concrete arrangements // 06.11.2019 Progress Workshop and Leibniz Theme Day

Leibniz Day "Health" // 05.11.2019 The LRC will present itself to a wide audience at the Leibniz Association's office in Berlin.

Making materials smart // 06.09.2019 The fifth LRC summer school constructs switchable surfaces.

Julian Thiele receives ERC Starting Grant // 05.09.2019 European Research Council (ERC) supports the project "3DPartForm".

Julian Thiele will receive Georg Manecke Prize // 05.09.2019 Dr. Julian Thiele will receive the award for his work in the field of polymer chemistry.

The cell-free future comes in layers // 12.04.2019 The fourth LRC summer school focuses on engineering sciences.

Common perspectives for the LRC // 10.04.2019 The LRC at the Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds 2019 in Dresden

From microbes to microproduction units - the future lies in synthetic biology // 22.03.2019 The Leibniz Research Cluster at the VAAM Annual Conference

Enzymes at work // 20.02.2019 LRC Junior group leader Erik Freier interviewed on the scientific podcast provider “Wirkstoffradio”

Production of industrially relevant molecules // 05.10.2018 LRC among Lighthouse Projects at the Annual Congress of the Biotechnology 2020+ Initiative

Partner of the Leibniz Research Cluster receives seal of excellence // 27.09.2018 The Leibniz Institute for Natural Product Research and Infection Biology in Jena is part of the cluster of excellence Balance of the Microverse.

Finding Nemo - high-throughput enzyme design // 30.04.2018 The third LRC Summer School took place in Halle/Saale.

The LRC at the Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds 2018 // 30.04.2018 Exchange of ideas in Halle/Saale

Analytics in Focus // 09.10.2017 The Leibniz Research Cluster at the Annual Congress Biotechnology 2020+

Dr. Julian Thiele announced as TUD Young Investigator // 10.05.2017 Support of independent junior research group leaders goes to LRC principal investigator Dr. Julian Thiele.

Everything in free flow... // 28.04.2017 Young researchers of the LRC met for the second LRC summer school in Dortmund

Presentation of LRC results at the Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds 2017 // 21.04.2017 LRC-Junior Research Group Leaders met in Freising

Leibniz Meeting on Bioactive Compounds 2017 // 10.04.2017 The Leibniz Research Alliance Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology invites to the symposium "Leibniz Meeting on Bioactive Compounds 2017" to Freising from April 10th to 11th 2017.

German Biotech Days (DBT) 2017 // 05.04.2017 The national meeting of the Biotechnology branch

Junior Professorship for Martin Weissenborn // 01.11.2016 First Junior Professor at the Leibniz-Institute for Plant Biochemistry in Halle wants to develop new enzymes

Biotechnology 2.0 – Do we still need cells? // 18.10.2016 On 11th and 12th of October the Annual Congress of Biotechnology took place in Jena with a public panel discussion

Primers, Plasmids and Proteins… // 14.10.2016 First LRC Summer School in Jena

Invitation to the annual congress Biotechnology 2020+ // 04.08.2016 From biofactories to cell-free systems: Novel ways of BioProcess design, October 11-12, 2016

Kick-off Meeting // 08.12.2015 Interdisciplinary team on the hunt for new active compounds

LRC junior research group // 08.12.2015 New HKI junior research group conducts research on synthetic biology