Common perspectives for the LRC

// 10.04.2019

The LRC at the Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds 2019 in Dresden

In addition to the impressive plenary lecture by Wilhelm Huck from the University of Nijmegen in Holland and the entertaining lecture by Wittko Francke from the University of Hamburg, co-organizer and LRC junior research group leader Julian Thiele presented his work.

At this year's eight LRC posters and in the subsequent progress workshop of the Leibniz Research Cluster, new perspectives for the continuation of the LRC were discussed based on technologies and results jointly developed so far. An important result is that all junior research groups strongly support the continuation of the successful cooperations created by and within the LRC, even beyond the funding.

The Leibniz Conference on Bioactive Compounds 2020 will be organised by the Research Centre Borstel and will take place in Hamburg.

Source of images: Carola Graf (Leibniz-IPF Dresden)

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