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// 06.11.2019

Progress Workshop and Leibniz Theme Day

As part of the Berlin Science Week and the event "Leibniz debattiert", this time on the subject of "vaccination", a Leibniz Theme Day took place on 5th of November 2019, organised by the Leibniz Association, at which the funding formats of the Leibniz Association, Research Alliances and ScienceCampi presented themselves. The Leibniz Research Cluster was invited by the Leibniz Research Alliance for Active Substances and Biotechnology. Erik Freier, LRC group leader from Leibniz-ISAS in Dortmund, presented a prototype for cell-free molecule synthesis to the visitors at the joint stand. With the aid of enzymes, the transportable compartmentalised reactor can synthesise chemical molecules, which were previously difficult or impossible to produce, cost-effectively, robustly and, above all, tailor-made. The red, green and blue fluorescent enzymes showed visitors the different reaction stages. A pump ensures a continuous reaction flow that enables permanent production. Expensive educts can be recycled by the construction as a cycle. In addition, a sampler illustrates the interface to analytics, which ensures continuous monitoring of production.

The event was open to the public and many interested parties from various fields attended. The topic of biotechnology in general and molecular synthesis in particular was rather difficult for the audience to grasp, as non-experts often have little idea of these terms. Once introduced to the topic, however, positive astonishment and strong interest for these topics were shown.

Before this event, all LRC junior group leaders met for the second Progress Workshop 2019 at the Leibniz Association. The main topics were concrete agreements on the finalisation of joint publications and patents as well as on the organisation of the final meeting in 2020. In addition, continuing cooperations were planned concretely also beyond the LRC. In this creative atmosphere, even ideas for new approaches came up.

Photos from left to right: Erik Freier explaining the reactor (demonstrator) to André Lampe (Wirkstoffradio), the reactor with UV-lamp, enzymes can be made visible by green or blue fluorescence in the demonstrator.

Source of photos: Bernd Rupp;

Photos from left to right: The LRC-group leaders and Manager right after the second progress workshop in 2019, Erik Freier and Vito Valiante at the booth of the LRC together with the Leibniz Research Alliance Bioactive Compounds and Biotechnology, the Demonstrator.

Source of Photos: Sina Gerbach (Leibniz-HKI Jena)

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