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// 09.10.2017

The Leibniz Research Cluster at the Annual Congress Biotechnology 2020+

Scientists of the Leibniz Research Cluster presented their work at the Annual Congress Biotechnology 2020+, which was organised by the Helmholtz Association and took place on Oct 4th, 2017 in Jülich.

As one out of 14 speakers, Erik Freier presented the LRC`s latest achievements to 120 people from different fields of biotechnology including well-known scientists from universities, extra university institutions and industry. Thereby, this year`s focus was on the analytics, the area of expertise in junior research group 5. Especially the online analytics is hitherto not realised for these kind of applications and holds great potential for the new developments emerging from the LRC.

In addition, the work of the other junior research groups was lively discussed with each other as well as with visitors of the conference in front of 5 LRC-posters.

The next Annual Congress Biotechnology 2020+ will be organised by the Fraunhofer Society on Oct 4th, 2018.

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