BMBF Strategic Process Biotechnology 2020+

Biotechnological production processes have been in use in the chemical industry, the paper and leather industry, the feed and food production and the cosmetics industry for decades.

To make faster and more efficient use of the required raw materials by biotechnological methods is the declared goal of the strategy process "Next Generation biotechnological processes - Biotechnology 2020+" by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research. “Biotechnology 2020+” supports the increased industrial application of renewable raw materials with a long term perspective. The full potential of biotechnology can only be exploited for industrial production in the future if novel methods that go far beyond today's conventional fermentation processes are developed. Furthermore there has to be an accelerated transfer of known biotechnological processes into industrial practice. This can be achieved by an even more intensive cooperation between biologists and engineers in the future. Therefore, the strategy process “Biotechnology 2020+” aims at bringing these very different disciplines together.